Search API - Introduction


The Issuu search service accepts search requests as input, and returns search results as output.

JSON results can be used directly by Javascript but probably most programming environment can access it. (See Search Response)


When a publication is added to Issuu, the publication is indexed by our search engine. All text in the publication is converted to lower-case during indexing. Therefore there is no difference between searching for "Bob" or "bob": searches are not case-sensitive. Text from a publication is indexed on a per-page as well as per-document basis, therefore searches can return a page or a document.

Documents can be viewed via a link to the document:


Or a link to a specific page within the document, in this case page 3:


Information that applies to the entire document (user, title, tags, etc) is also inherited by the individual pages of the document. See the Appendix for a list of indexed fields.


The Issuu Search service expects and returns UTF-8 encoded data. Requests to the service should be URL-encoded.

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