API limits

The Issuu API is open to Premium and Optimum users, but certain restrictions are in place to ensure fair usage and stability.

APIs available

Using the API you can manage many of the same resources that are available on the web site: Specifically documents, folders, bookmarks, managing document embeds, and generating embed code for easy integration into your own website.

Upload limits

Premium Optimum
Uploads Max 10 per month Unlimited

Format limits

The file you upload needs to adhere to a few limitations regarding the format. The file type must be one of PDF, ODT, DOC, WPD, SXW, SXI, RTF, ODP or PPT, and the page count cannot exceed 500 pages.

Premium Optimum
File size Max 500mb Max 500mb
Document size Max 500 pages Max 500 pages

Request limits

Premium Optimum
Burst limit 20 requests 20 requests
Sustained limit 3 request per sec. 3 request per sec.

The table below lists the error codes that relate to API limits:

Code Message Explanation
012 Request throttled Requests are submitted at a rate that exceeds burst and sustained limits
205 File size is too large File uploaded exceeds the size limit of the account type
294 Limit of unlisted publications exceeded File uploaded exceeds the limit of unlisted publications purchased
295 Limit of monthly API uploads exceeded File uploaded exceeds the limit of the account type